Dedicated to the logistics support of its member companies, DistraNet forms a real time, tightly integrated hub for sharing inventory and servicing national integrated supply contracts. DistraNet's virtual inventory is valued at over $150 million, and is instantly available at order entry time to enhance the value each member offers to its customers. Customers no longer need to depend solely on the local distributor's inventory but have access to a large part of the total inventory of Parker products in the distribution channel.

Members can view other distributors' shared inventory via this website, or can easily set up access to this data from their order entry systems. Once this is done, they can see a listing of total DistraNet availability when they pull up a part number. From there it is merely a few keystrokes and/or mouse clicks to select a source distributor and initiate an order to them. The shipping member who receives the order produces a packing slip that identifies the originating member as the vendor to their end customer. Members are selected with non overlapping, non competing territories to ensure maximum cooperation and mutual support.


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